One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! We replaced the kitchen sink in our new home when we moved in a couple of months ago. Since then, the old sink has been sitting in the side yard in disuse. This week I decided to re-purpose it into a planter. 

I wanted to add some flowers to our yard, and I thought that this sink would make the perfect flower bed. I had to make some slight modifications to it. The plastic o-rings on the bottom side of the sink were falling apart and needed to be taken off. I also removed the faucet and spray hose attachment.

I bought a six-pack of pansies and another six-pack of violas. I also bought a bag of potting soil that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor planters. 

The next part was easy. I partially plugged the drain holes with some rocks from the backyard so that I wouldn’t lose all of the potting soil. There are still some gaps between the rocks though so that some of the water can still drain and the potting soil doesn’t get overly saturated. I spaced the flowers out, five plants on each side. To finish, I watered them in with my watering can. I left some space in between the flowers so they can fill in the gaps as they grow. 

I had two flower starts leftover, so I made another planter out of an old cinder block in the backyard. 

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