‘Tis the season for pumpkin spice, pumpkin pie, and decorating our porches with this marvelous orange gourd! Though I did not grow any pumpkins this year, my boyfriend and I did buy a couple of these seasonal squash for carving. In a year that’s been far from usual, it’s been nice to turn to some traditional fall activities to celebrate the new season.

Feeling like fall in Sacramento!

Pumpkins are for sale everywhere from grocery stores and big box stores to independent garden centers this time of year. We went to the Green Acres in Sacramento to find ours. They have a fun selection of large carving pumpkins, gourds with various shapes and colors, and tiny table-topper squash. We had our hearts set on carving pumpkins.

Picking out our pumpkins at Green Acres.

After some cliche pumpkin patch photos, we took our pumpkins home and set to work! I decided on a Harry Potter themed jack-o-lantern while my boyfriend went the Pokemon route. We rocked out to a Halloween playlist on Spotify while we sculpted our spooky squash cut outs. I am pretty pleased with how they turned out! 

Gengar and Harry Potter jack-o-lanterns.

Not ones to waste, we saved the pumpkin seeds to roast into a salty snack. I cleaned the goo off the seeds in a bowl of water, and then drained them. While preheating the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, I spread the pumpkin seeds out on a cookie sheet and doused them with avocado oil and a generous sprinkling of Kosher salt. They went into the oven for about 20 minutes, and when they were nice and golden in color, I took them out too cool. 

Roasted pumpkin seeds.

Well worth the effort for a day of fun pumpkin carving and fantastic porch decorations. Though the festivities may be more subdued this year, there are still ways to safely have fun and enjoy the holiday! Happy Halloween! 

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